What are the 8 healthy foods to ease hang over symptoms?

Do you have a rough night with the night that passed by or were the effects of those drinks are already hitting now? On the next day after too much drink, well balanced nutrition is needed in helping you be back in your shape and in your world with a 100% presence of yourself. Though you are dying for some fatty and greasy foods, remember to not indulge with them, for it will definitely makes you feel even worse than just being drunk. Here are some tips for a healthy food intake that you must take when feeling drowsy.

egg for hang overEggs

Aside from it being an easily absorb food that are mild on stomach, it is packed with protein and has large quantity of cysteine that is good for drunk person. Eggs are better in washing out leftover toxins, even if it means that your waistline may be the final thing that you may think about. Keep your dishes with mostly egg whites, having a yolk of just one or two, so that you will not also overeat on much cholesterol.

coconut waterCoconut water

A lot of people are swearing that this stuff can really cure your hangover, and that is for better reason. One typical carton has more potassium than bananas and that is insanely hydrating, but that is the key nutrient so that you will feel better, plus coconut water is a lot flavorful than regular water, which is helpful for those individual who are having a hard time drinking water when they’re in a hung over, and if you choose to drink flavored fruit drinks, then I suggest you go drink it, like pineapple juice.


Soup is a food that is usually associated for sick people, but don’t you know that the varieties of chicken or the salt in your tomato helps you maintain your water, and if you’ve been feeling nausea, you’ll need some sodium and potassium in your body, which will return electrolytes into your baseline, plus that fact that salt will make you thirsty, so you will be force to rehydrate.

fruit juiceFruit and fruit juice

For hangover sickness, skip the normal easy snacks like pizza and chips, but instead grab a glass of 100% fruit juice or a piece of fresh fruit instead. The sugar in fruit is called fructose that helps to openly boost the energy of the body. It also adds to the rate wherein the body has been relieved from toxins such as alcohol. The fruit has fiber that helps your body in breaching down and taking the remains of last night’s toxin, plus since booze can have a diuretic result, you’ll regain the nutrients and vitamins that were gone from last night’s event.


A fruit that justify its personal bullet point is banana. It’s really the evident choice to have potassium in the body system fast, plus bananas are kind and tender on stomach and it is good in providing essential electrolytes that were lost during your heavy drink.


It is very obvious that this is the best hangover choice, simply because it has caffeine that dilates blood vessels that aids in getting rid of your headache faster. Plus, caffeine added extra brain functions, which we’re pretending are a little vague after an elongated night out. If you can’t drink black coffee, keep it with nonfat milk and lesser sweetener only.

green teaGreen tea

This is full of antioxidants that keep the body cells that make your organs healthy. This means a better liver will aid you to recover faster. If you’re feeling woozy, add some lavender or rosemary flavor to your tea and this will definitely calm your stomach faster.

sports drinkSport drinks

Sports drinks such as Powerade and Gatorade are pack of heavy fluid that balances your electrolytes, which is precisely the needs of your body at the moment. Choose no or low sugar energy drink for a better morning.


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